Tired of those 'toy' hockey nets? We can help with that!

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The Most Authentic Hockey Goals for sale ANYWHERE! 

All models have High Quality Arena/NHL Netting, a top shelf, center support, curved bases, skirting, contrasting interiors and other features you have seen on the ice. Note the fit of the netting, the way the top shelf meets the crossbar and how the base curves out wider than the goal mouth.
Call for a quote on large orders - we may be able to save you some money. 

Three main model sizes,

Three sizes of quality steel tubing 

One-Piece Welded Hockey Goals TOURN Series- Build-able Goals
PORT Series Flat storage Convenience   All Model Hockey Goals
Heavy alone doesn't mean anything, or we'd make hockey goals out of lead! 

Get the specifics! Don't settle for a hockey net without knowing all the specs, or become mislead by loose terms like Super Heavy Duty or inflated shipping weights.     

They don't give you the facts, or show close up pictures for a reason! 

Every Goal Style Features:
  • Arena Quality! Blast slap shots with ice hockey pucks and not damage any of the goals!  Kids can move lighter models more easily.
  • Schedule 20, 30, 40 ,high-strength steel, or heavier, inside and out, on all models. Painted red. Secure with grade eight bolts, nothing is more durable or weather resistant!
  • Pro-style curves, pro proportions! No swages indicating thin steel, no hinges to break, no compromises!
  • 600-pound test netting, 6 mm thick! UV treated for extra long life!
  • Base skirting - Top Shelf, Center bar - Included on all of our models.
  • Delivered promptly to your door! No Sales tax! (AZ residents excepted) The last hockey goal you'll ever buy - unless you need one for the other end of the pond! 

*Three sizes of quality steel tubing

Arenas use the 2 3/8", but they look great at homes as well. All models have the correct, tightly bent 90 degree elbow in the top corners. We have one piece welded models as well asbuild-on site models. Don't be concerned about the durability of a bolt together goal, ours are very solid and you'll hardly notice the assembly points, plus, you'll save nearly the cost of a goal in shipping! 

Our most popular size is the 2", This is a very heavy, high quality steel you won't find anywhere else. Folks like it over even the larger goals, especially if you need to move them around. You wont be able to dent them playing with even the roughest crowd.

Our 1 3/8" goals wont show the dings either, the steel is of sufficient thickness for the hardest slapshots. You may see some larger diameter home goals out there, but that alone doesn't make them more dent resistant! These are a lot easier to take out to the pond, especially for the more junior skaters.

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