Tired of those 'toy' hockey nets? We can help with that!

Power Skating SlideBoards

Slideboards are the best power skating tools anywhere, without the skates!

Angled composite ends to simulate stride and softened impact.
Full length natural rubber base keep board secure.
1/2" thick. 6' x 24" fits the vast majority of players, 8' model for the tallest skaters.
Stores flat- stays flat. Skates great over carpet or hardwood floors!
High-density polyethylene, a very slick surface superior to ABS and PVC.
Includes skate boots for use with or without shoes.

Use stocking feet or special boots to build muscle and lengthen your stride!

Excellent re-hab tool for injuries.

Power Skating Boots


Power Skating Slide Board, 6'


Power Skating Slide Board, 8'


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