Tired of those 'toy' hockey nets? We can help with that!

Portable Series

Portable (PORT) models 
Designed to easily and quickly partially dis-assemble to store just six inches high and yet still feature a top shelf and center support bar.
Our line of portable hockey nets use thick galvanized steel as do all of our hockey goals, but can be disassembled in minutes for storage or loading into a family sedan. From a durability perspective, there’s no compromise when you purchase our portable models; only convenience.

The Portable models use the same 6mm UV resistant netting as the one piece and tournament series, but attaches using welded rigid rod behind the crossbar and our exclusive ‘Quick Cable System’ on the sides. This reduces set-up time to 2 minutes or less. Base Skirting and attachment cords are included.   

6' x 4' Ice Hockey Goal, Regulation, Portable 1-3/8" "Pro" style


6' x 4' Ice Hockey Goal, Regulation, Portable 2" "Rink Rat" style


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