Tired of those 'toy' hockey nets? We can help with that!

Interior Pads

Professional style pads, two thicknesses and sized to fit your goal. These won't stick to the ice or freeze.

Padding for the inside of your goal greatly reduces rebounds.

If your needs vary slightly from measurements listed let us know and we'll get you the perfect size to fit.

Don't forget Lacing Cord

Hockey Goal Pad Set


Diagonal Bar Pad


Base Fender Pad 140" 3" Thick


Base Fender Pad 124" long 3" Thick


Base Fender pad 124"


Base Fender Pad 111"


Base Fender Pad 36"


Top Shelf Pad


Top Shelf Water Bottle Pad


Diagonal Bar Pad ADM 36"


Base Fender Pad ADM 48" goals


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