Tired of those 'toy' hockey nets? We can help with that!

Yashivat Regulation goal, 54 x 44x 30,



Model Yashivat
  • 54 x 44 Regulation Yashivat league Size -
  • Attractive rounded base, the skirting is included!
  • Grade 8 bolts lock it together.  No swadges, indicating thinner wall tubes.
  • Light enough to be easily portable. thick steel wall. 

SIZE - 54"  x 44"  Regulation Yashivat League size goal, top shelf, 30" deep at base

STRENGTH 100% steel!  2" face, .109" thick, 12 gauge!  
Weighs approximately forty five.  Will not rust or rot!
600# knotless nylon netting - 1 1/2" mesh, 6mm-1/4" thick. UV treated.

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